The Curatron FLASH is warranted against material and manufacturing defects. This is a limited warranty provided to the original purchaser. Only authorized personnel are allowed to open the unit and/or cable for repair.

Any unauthorized opening of the system voids the warranty according to the stringent repair rules for this type of equipment. The manufacturer declines all liability for equipment reliability and safety in the following events of modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel or use of system other than specified in the manual.

The Curatron FLASH systems carry the following warranties, which apply to material and manufacturing defects only: The Curatron FLASH units carry a 3-year warranty and an additional 2 years can be purchased with the order for an additional fee of 6% and the applicators carry limited warranty only.

The information of the warranty and registration must to be mailed or emailed to the manufacturer within 8 days from delivery date, in order to become effective. By emailing the warranty and registration information the customer declares acceptance of the warranty conditions.

If this information not been received by the manufacturer within two weeks after shipment, the warranty will automatically commence according to the above conditions starting with the date of shipment.

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